Social Media: The new advertising frontier

A business must know its target audience in order to be successful at building brand awareness. Fun Time Studios has experienced success advertising to parents of the kids that use the facility. This is something we would want to continue going forward. The idea is to add to this success by using Social Media advertising to target a wider audience. Parents are always searching for ways to occupy their children and they are also the ones who have the spending power. However, even though the parents have the money, the demographic more likely to respond to Social Media advertising are the patrons of Fun Time Studios. The 10-16 age group in this day and age are particularly savvy and adept at navigating the multiple Social media platforms. The teenagers in particular from age 13-16 are more likely to possess a mobile device and thus more likely to spend time consuming media and using social media. This is important to note because Social media advertising, sometimes referred to as the “new word of mouth” will likely be a vessel for much more talk about Fun Time studios. The client can advertise its functionality as an after school hangout, a place to have parties and to get together and socialize. The 13-16 year old age group is one that is defined by larger social groupings and as such marketing the business through Social media will help to reach a maximum number of people and drum up a great deal of localized interest.

The Social media advertising methods seem uniquely suited to a small business in that you can pay a modest amount and reach a large audience through peripheral means. One ad click could mean multiple shares/suggestions/retweets etc. The client can set a modest budget and increase it if needed as the efficacy of their ad campaign is revealed through trial and error.

Facebook & Google Adwords

  • Start bid relatively low to test the efficacy of the ads and use platform tools to measure traffic.
  • Create ad with link capability to external Fun Time Studios website, YouTube channel, Facebook page and connected pages.
  • Set lifetime budget for 3 week ad run
  • Pay for leads with CPC ad method
  • Set initial budget for both Google Adwords and Facebook.
  • Costs: 750$ each
  • Returns: 2200 targeted leads generated per site.


I would use Twitter to advertise for increased traffic to FT Studios website and to promote a Fun Time Studios Twitter account. Client must Tweet frequently core information about business, anecdotal evidence, special prices and promotional statements. Increase the buzz about the site. Twitter ad costs

  • promote a website card-1/4 of budget
  • Promote Twitter account-3/4 of budget
  • Costs: 1000$-60 c per engagement
  • Returns: 1250 real engagement to Twitter Account for FT Studios. Approx 420 website cards issued.

Traditional source of advertising. Create a small but engaging video Ad usable on Fun Time Studios Youtube Channel and linked to by the Social Media Ads with a modest Budget of 5000$. Target a designer who specializes in Mobile website ads. A 30 second to one minute ad to be shot on location displaying the facilities in use by the demographic in question. Smiling faces, laughter, communal engagement, snacks and drinks, some testimonials from a parent and some of the patrons younger and older could be a starting foundational theme to be built on. The whole strategy hinges on Social Media building up buzz over a 3 week period and directing ad clickers to the website or YouTube channel where the video commercial ad will be displayed.


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