Setting sail on the H.M.S. Blogship

Welcome to my blog all,
This is my inaugural post and to commemorate it I am smashing an imaginary champagne bottle against an equally imaginary hull. Feel free to join me and imagine it to. My name is Geoff and on top of being a student I am also currently working for the Federal Government of Canada. More specifically Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada(AANDC). I am a Correspondence and Briefing Officer. My University degree is in Communications. I earned a few journalism credits along the way. I am interested in writing, social media, advertising, marketing and communications.
AANDC is widely viewed as a poorly run, trouble plagued agency. More than rumours it seems, there is some truth to it according to recent news. This is exactly why I want to be there. I am an idealist and I want to help drag the bloated department out of the basement and into the light. I have wanted to work in the public sector for quite some time. The job I had before was in an industry that exploited its workers and treated them unethically. I wanted to move to the opposite end of the spectrum where the workers have a great deal of power as a collective bargaining group. The Federal Government is a couple of years into an ambitious strategy called Blueprint 2020. It is a Government wide initiative to introduce sweeping changes within the operational framework. One of the main initiatives is building connections to the citizens of Canada through the use of Social Media and mobile devices. This area is expanding greatly and the Government is on board.
The program Mobile and Social Media Management is cutting edge. I want to bring in this new skill set to the table while AANDC is still realigning their communications strategy and staffing for the new initiatives. I want to be a part of a team that creates, executes and manages Social Media strategies and see where I can go from there.


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