Congrats sir! You have a blog. Great. Now what?

Creating a blog is the easy part. I tend to believe that most things in life do not just appear out of thin air and run or work perfectly. I have a seed planted. I want it to grow. I liken my blog to a fledgling piece of flora. It needs water and sunlight and I need a good blogging strategy going forward. Let’s brainstorm.

  1. Why do you need a blog?

To promote content I have created and that I find relevant and the blog is a structured environment to do that in. It is platform I need for self promotion of my ideas and information. A blog is a great way to gain exposure to a potentially large audience.

  1. Who will read it?

I am hoping to eventually attract a wide demographic. Government employees for one, although this could be tricky as there are strict rules in place about what one can publish about the Government if one works there. I would start with friends, family and colleagues.

  1. How will they know about it?

To start I would use other forms of social media. I would create a publishing schedule and map out release times. I would arrange a colourful announcement on twitter and facebook and other social media sites. I would email post links to colleagues. The Federal Government has a work in progress social media site for employees called GCconnex. It has roughly 44000 users and it has an element similar to twitter called the wire. I would post links here as well.

  1. What do you want them to do?

I mainly want to focus on social media content. The new “news” so to speak. How are other governments utilizing social media? I would find and research the connections between mobile devices and social media. Discussing trends and providing anecdotal evidence of social media in action in the public sector and private sector. It will be less of a marketing tool and more of an industry tracking blog. I want to be a purveyor of information and a trusted source in delivery and content.

  1. Who will write it?

Based on the personal nature of this blog I will be the writer. I would accept worthy and topical submissions from trusted sources or guest bloggers. For example I would invite my wife to blog. She has earned a Ph.D and is a high level analyst for another governmental agency. She could bring in a perspective that would be informative and illuminating on the subject matter.

  1. What will you write?

I want to tie together elements related to social media and present them in a wide range of iterations. For example I would use anecdotes, both serious and/or witty. I would use research driven articles, academic and analytics etc. There would be informational posts, coming trends and coming soon themed articles with a user experience component added in.

  1. How will you extend it?

Building loyalty is not an easy task unless one is truly talented. I would create a linking strategy between posts. In a way I would expand on certain themes or ideas already touched upon but not in depth. In a sense it is like the coming attractions at the movie theatre. I would engage my visitors by responding to questions and comments in a constructive way. RSS feeds would be another great tool for extension. Automatic delivery will take much of the work out the equation. I would invite guest bloggers to expand audience interaction.

  1. How will you measure it?

I would be curious to know about unique visitors, time spent, popular page views and linking numbers. There are variety of tools available to a new blogger such as Google analytics to measure these elements.


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